Album Review! #Rihanna #Anti

Rihanna’s 8th studio album Anti was well worth the wait.

First let me start by saying touché to JayZ and Rihanna, I held out on subscribing to Tidal because I am a typical millennial, stubborn and unwilling to have to pay for something that isn’t worth my time or money; well the moment it was announced that Rihanna’s album was streaming for free on Tidal and they were offering a free 30day subscription I was like okay, okay I’m taking the bait for my girl Riri. This album is giving me everything and when I say everything I mean all my favorite sounds, genres and feelings, it is definitely worth the $9.99 subscription (side eye) I may keep it after my 30 day free trial.

So let me get right to my review of Anti! This album is like most great people and things, it is not looking for acceptance it proudly stands out inherently as great just because it is! The album only includes one featured artist and that is Drake (the current King of the radio) on the single ‘Work’ this song gives you a taste of her Caribbean roots; The rest of the album gives the feeling of modern day grunge with a mix Janis Joplin meets Amy Winehouse along with hip hop, R&B and a bit of sex of course. My favorite songs are ‘Love On The Brain’, ‘Work’, ‘Kiss It Better‘, ‘Desperado’, ‘Same Ol Mistakes’ along with ‘Sex With Me’ which is featured on the deluxe album along with two other songsI would argue to say that every song on the album is fire! The best way I can describe it is nostalgia meets a breath of fresh and new. This woman is always ahead of the curve and is completely comfortable in exploring the unconventional and this album is a testament to that. Love it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


image image

Trendsetter Alert!!! #BangBang

Selena Gomez has officially won me over as a fan, mostly for her hot new music and only partially because we have the same hairstyle.

I recently decided that I wanted to change-up my hairstyle just because I felt like it was giving “flat line” and since I haven’t found a good hairstylist in the LA area that matches the stylist back on the East Coast (price wise and style wise) I asked my husband to cut my bangs for me and I could style it myself. I know what you’re thinking “are you crazy!” nope I completely trust my hubby because he is a licensed barber. Also last month when I came to the realization that there weren’t any beauticians in our new city of residence that I trusted to style my hair as I desired I had him trim my hair and it came out great! So of course since he did an amazing job with my trim, I didn’t hesitate to ask him to cut me some bangs.

I love how my hair turned out and I have been receiving compliments left and right on my new “do”! So of course I felt like a true trend setter when a few days after sporting my new hair do one of the hottest pop stars, Selena Gomez releases her new video for her hit song ‘Hands to Myself’ and she has bangs and they look amazing! Can we say trend setter/ forecaster (Heyyyy!). Check out my selfie with my bangs and a pic from the Selena Gomez video with her bangs. Let me know how do you like the hairstyle and if  you have a new hairstyle you’re planning on trying out this year or if you already have a new hairstyle and if you like or not.


I’m looking forward to trying out other new hair styles this year, potentially some coloring within the next month. And when we take our vacations I will probably do some more protective/manageable styles for water/adventurous activities. I will definitely be sure to keep you updated and I’m sure there will be some other hairstyle trends that I may potentially forecast LOL.

*FYI: If you are looking for an amazingly talented barber be sure to check my husband out at The New Millennium 4310 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008 ask for Cezar*

Movie Screening & Review: Ride Along 2

Working in the entertainment and media industry has its perks.😉

When your invited to a “sneak peek screening” of a movie starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube you don’t think about it you just say, “ah yeah!”. Especially with cameos and supporting actors from other well-known stars like Tika Sumpter, Tyrese Gibson, Ken Jeong, Benjamin Bratt, and Sherri Sheperd.

The first installment of Ride Along was released in January 2014 and had fair reviews with major box office success grossing over $120 million, with the sequel the comedy duo came back with some comedic friends in tow “The Hangover’s” Ken Jeong and Sherri Sheperd. With all that said the movie starts off slow, basically laying the ground work for the storyline; Hart’s character Ben prepares for his fastly approaching wedding day while still trying to prove his worthiness to be a cop to Ice Cube’s character James who is lead detective and Ben’s soon to be brother in-law. The movie then moves from Atlanta to Miami where they are required to work on a case in order to bring down a criminal master mind supplying drugs to dealers in Atlanta. Over all the movie was giving ‘Bad Boys’ meets ‘Starsky and Hutch’ meets ‘The Heat’, basically if you like buddy cop movies you will like this movie.

Mid way through the movie it seems to pick up a bit more in action and comedic timing but it falls flat in its over the top comedic predictability. Also the scenes that seem to be the most funny are shown in the television previews so when they appear in the movie it is no longer funny because you’ve seen it over and over again in the previews  already. Overall I would give the movie a 7.5 because it does have a few actual laugh out loud funny parts but it also tends to tread the line of “corny”. If you are a die-hard Kevin Hart fan or you were a big fan of the first Ride Along you will enjoy going to see this in the movie theater otherwise you can wait until it comes out on DVD.

Monthly Must Haves & Slight Ulta Skincare Haul!!

New YouTube Video! Favorite monthly must haves and slight Ulta skin care haul!

I ended my year great but my skin was going through a rough phase, so I decided to go out and get some new skin care products from Ulta along with the new stuff I got my monthly re-up of my “old faithful” products.

Some of the products that I will be showing are products to combat adult acne such as the Mario Badescu acne starter kit,


along with other products such as Cetaphil lotion,

cetaphillotionClean & Clear oil free makeup remover wipes,

MakeupWipesEco Tools beautiful complexion makeup brushes,

MakeupBrushesand Chanel Chance perfume

ChanelPerfume Check out my the video below where I show and describe the skin care products that I am currently using. If you have used or are currently using any of the products please leave comments below of your experiences. I will do an updated review of the Mario Badescu acne starter kit at the end of the month. Thanks for stopping by brownsugarsworld!


Navigating the New Year: Step 1 Use What You Got

Aha Moment!: Make it happen with what you have.

I ended this year content while also feeling anxious to accomplish even more than I did in 2015. Yeah I’m a complicated individual, I can be completely content with my current situation while still being anxious about my future goals (I drive my husband crazy LOL). When I start feeling this way, where I  experience two conflicting emotions I recognize I’m not living in the moment and I need to get centered. The last time I wasn’t living in the moment was the year I got married, right before I learned to meditate. During this time my life was literally a blur to me and I don’t remember majority of it. I promised myself I would never be so worried about the future that I would forget to live in the present moment (good, bad or other) ever again.

One of the reasons I felt anxious was because during the month of December after getting back from visiting family I decided to become more consistent with filming content for my YouTube channel and while editing an amazing video my hard drive died. This threw a monkey wrench into my goals to be more consistent with my blog and YouTube content, I was devastated. I just felt like giving up like why would this happen now! Then I realized that God/the Universe always gives you what you need to accomplish what is in your heart. After I got over being sad that my hard drive died and I didn’t have the time or money to waste to get the data some how extracted and transferred to another hard drive, I took a good hard look at what I had to work with; I still had my lap top with a beginners video editing program and I still had my amazing camera, though it may take a little/a lot longer to edit my video content and I won’t be able to do certain cool editing tricks I decided I can make it happen with what I have. It always seems that when you are on a path to accomplish something out of your normal routine obstacles get in the way almost as a way to see how bad you really want to accomplish your goal; will you let one obstacle stop you or will you find a way to continue on and push through adversity?

I say all this to say for the last month or two of 2015 I got lost in the hustle and bustle of life and got off my spiritual centered path. I started to forget what was important to me and begin to let too much of the outside world into my bubble of  certainty. I also started to realize that I have to balance out what is important to me and how I can also be a better citizen of the world. I realized I need to get back to meditating regularly and only taking in positivity and filter out negativity, I don’t want to be oblivious to what is going on in the world but I have to decipher and filter what I choose to get involved in. Since I am a journalist and a lifestyle and entertainer correspondent I have to be knowledgeable of world events and things but I don’t have to let it consume me or change my positive attitude. My goal is to do what I can with my talents and skills to change the things I don’t like in this world, push through any adversity and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

‘I choose to shine a positive light in a sometimes dark world’


Hectic Holiday & Vlogmas Fail

Tis The Season To Be Busy, Fa la la la la la la la laahhhhh!

Every holiday season I say that I am going to schedule out my holiday responsibilities and not allow myself to get stressed out and every year I end up running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  This year is no different, me and hubby flew back to the East Coast for Thanksgiving to visit family and I thought I would have time to visit friends but that was a fail. When we got back it was straight back to work and I’ve been so busy that my plans to participate in vlogmas were also a fail. I hate being busy because I never know if I am actually making progressive moves or if I’m just busy and not making any major moves, but I have faith that everything that I have been doing is helping me to reach my goals.

Though I have been busy and unable to blog or vlog, I have to say that I’ve been inspired by a lot of the events I have been attending this past month. I have a lot of footage to edit that will give you guys a glimpse into what I’ve been doing and hopefully it will be inspirational for you to. Bare with me during this hectic holiday season as I try to edit together my footage and put out more inspirational information, I have a lot of ideas that I look forward to sharing with you. To start check out my travel vlog and my attempt at vlogmas/ vlogmas fail below and let me know what you think and stay tuned for more videos within the next few weeks.


Does Anyone Have The Answers Sway?!…. #LifeGoals

Advice to my younger self, older self and present self, no one has the answers and if they do they’re not telling.

So I’m coming to the point in my life where I thought I would have it all together. You know when you were a teenager and you imagined how your adult life would be. Every year around my birthday I review the year to see if I met the goals I set for myself and if I’m on a path that I would like to continue on or do I want to change paths. In order for me to know if I accomplished my goals I review my vision board. I make a vision board every year on my birthday, I use it to reflect on my long-term and short-term goals for my life. I used to just write down my goals but I noticed when I had a visual picture that is similar to my goal or in some way represents my goal it helps me visualize myself accomplishing/attaining the goal.  And when I meditate I visually see the image I am pursuing and it helps me to continue pushing for what I want.

Last year I realized I wanted to live the life that I dreamed of as a child, that is what led me to moving across the country. I decided before I consciously began to settle down and have kids I wanted to give my life dreams a final push and live fearlessly, living the life of my dreams. This leads me to another practice that I started last year; setting  a mantra for the year. I make up a mantra to go along with my vision board because just like meditation it helps me to keep my focus when things start to seem uncontrollable. When I feel confused, defeated or lost I repeat my mantra to remind myself of my goals and what I am working towards. Me and my husbands mantra for 2014 was ‘Walking Into Our Destiny’ and 2015 was ‘2015 Living My Dreams’. I haven’t decided what 2016’s mantra is going to be but I already have some goals in mind that I am going to give 110% effort to accomplish. I feel so close to “having it all” but I also feel the urge to start my family (baby fever) and I am so scared because I know there are still so many things I would like to accomplish before having kids.

With that being said I started to question is anyone living the life they dreamed of as a child or teenager? Does anyone have the answers for a less stressful and confusing way of accomplishing their goals in life? And my final question, is anyone else freaked out to have a child when you know for a fact you don’t have your “Shit” together (at least not together the way you would want your life to be)?!  Does anyone have the answers?! Anyone?!


blog1Please comment and let me know your thoughts, maybe you have the answers or at least an opinion to help ease my anxiety.

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Pin Point the Positives #PushThroughNegativity #PositiveOutlook

Tips For Staying Positive & Pushing Through Negativity:

Recently a few of my friends have been having a rough time keeping a positive outlook when facing negative obstacles. We all go through ups and downs in life, the key is to not waste your time wallowing in sad, angry or negative emotions. When you’re negative our stressed out it drains all your energy and you aren’t able to put that energy to good use in other ways, for example bettering yourself or your situation. I wanted to share some tips that help me get through rough times and keep a  positive outlook in the face of negativity. I believe these techniques can help you to control your emotions and not allow your emotions to control you. Remember to live in the moment, love like never before, and laugh until it hurts :-)

Check out my short video of tips for positivity below and let me know if these tips help you and please feel free to share some tips that have helped you stay positive when dealing with negative emotions.

Love & Marriage, Love & Marriage #MarriageMilestone

Marriage Milestone…. Yes I Married Young #MillennialMarriage

So we made it past the 5 year mark!!!

Less than a week until our six-year anniversary and I wanted to share my thoughts on getting married young and some advice to having a long lasting happy relationship.


Recently I was having a conversation with an older woman and I just so happened to mention my husband (as I frequently do because everything reminds me of him) and she looked at me, tilted her head and asked a question that me and my husband receive a lot especially from older people…”How old are you? You look too young to be married” then the next inevitable question “How long have you been married?” next comment is “Wow! You got married young! Usually young couples don’t make it past five years.”

Yes we got married young. It was less than a month until my 23rd birthday and my husband was 24yrs; He just got back from boot camp after enlisting into the Navy and I was in my last year of college. We talked about getting married before he left, well that’s putting it lightly. After dating for 3 years then getting our first place together, he did the appropriate/ cliché thing and asked my father for my hand in marriage. Of course my dad said yes along with rambling about financial burdens that come with marriage, etc. And once the recruiter gave him (my then boyfriend, now husband) his leave date to head off to boot camp we discussed getting married before he left but I insisted I wanted to wait until I graduated. During his time away in boot camp and after flying out to attend his graduation we realized we couldn’t be away from each other any longer and decided to get married as soon as he got out of boot camp. Of course this left no time to plan a wedding ceremony which I was okay with because similar to other great women (Oprah, Wendy Williams, Goldie Hawn and so many more) I never pictured a dream wedding. Some little girls dream of a big princess wedding ceremony, me I never pictured a wedding. To be honest as a child I never thought I would get married. I dreamed of being a gypsy/ award-winning actress and traveling the world and having a great love affair, then writing about my adventures and eventually having kids with an extremely sexy, powerful business man. But I digress…

Long story short, I am one of the lucky ones; I was blessed to find literally the love of my life/soul mate or whatever you want to call it at a young age. We’ve had so many adventures together, we have the same spiritual outlook on life, have similar interest and our own goals which means we never get bored with each other. There is literally never a dull moment, which can sometimes be exhausting; but adventure and excitement was the main thing that I hoped for in my adult life as a child. Now that I am in my late twenties and it is now on trend in my age group to get married, have kids and basically settle into a consistent domestic lifestyle; It is interesting watching via social media the beginning ups and downs of friends and classmates relationships and it reminds me of our past experiences. I’m so thankful we have made it through our ups and downs and past the five-year marriage hump.  We have seen and known a lot of our former friends and school mates that weren’t able to have a long lasting relationship/marriage (sadly). Long-term relationships and marriage aren’t easy and I wanted to take a moment to speak on some ways we got through the inevitable ups and downs that comes with relationships and marriage, especially when you’re younger and still figuring out your own personal emotions and growth.

Be open and honest

Know what YOU want, not what you think will look like a good couple on social media or what your significant other wants but what you want. For example if you like to travel or work out regularly, then be honest with your self and your partner and let them know this is something I like to do and let your partner decide if they would like to be apart of that part of your life. Sometimes your partner will want to join you in some of your hobbies and sometimes they won’t. If they choose not to then you can use it as your “me” time so you don’t lose yourself in the relationship, you always have an activity or hobby that is your truest you.

Take Interest In Your Partners Hobbies

It is good to be open to new things that take you out of your comfort zone, that includes hobbies, foods, movies, etc. Trying something new with your partner will show that you care about them enough to try something that either you don’t like or you would not have been open to try before. Also it kind of massages your partners ego, letting them lead you in a new adventure.

Keep Things Fresh, Try New Things Together

When you have been together for a while sometimes you get bored. Instead of feeling like you need to start making memories with someone new, make new memories with your same partner. For example take a trip to a new place, try new activities together, cook new meals together, basically just think of something that neither you or your partner have done before and go for it! Usually trying something new will bring you closer together because you are forced to work together to figure out a new obstacle or adventure.

Keep Things Flirty

Think back to when you first started dating and remember the days of flirting, doing subtle things to intrigue your partner. Continue to flirt and be sexual at random moments during the day. Send a flirty text every so often, surprise your partner with something new(sexy outfit for the home of course, etc.).

Show Your Appreciation With Words And Actions

Let your partner know that you appreciate them even if it’s just saying thank you after they take out the trash or for taking care of you when you are sick. This means a lot because your partner knows that you genuinely love and appreciate their efforts in the relationship no matter how big or small. Make sure to do things your partner would appreciate, for example making a nice meal after they’ve had a long day, show affection with kisses, hugs and etc. These small actions and words come in handy during the tough times when you may want to get angry over something small you can quickly recall a recent memory of a sweet gesture your partner did or when your partner recently voiced how much they appreciate and love you, that helps to calm  your response. It is okay to still voice whatever you may be upset about but just recalling a positive moment helps you express yourself through love not anger or hurt.


I hope these tips are useful with helping you deal with ups and downs in your relationship. Remember don’t compare your relationship to others because no person or relationship is perfect so don’t be so hard on yourself, we are all works in progress. Live, Love, Laugh